Maintenance Contracts for Copiers & Laser Printers

Any type of machinery will require repair and maintenance over its lifespan. This is especially true of an office copiers/Laser Printers since it's likely to be used on a daily basis by multiple employees. Some of the most common issues that can lead to copier maintenance include:

Paper jams
A paper jam may seem like a fact of life in an office copier, but it is most often caused by user error. Frequent paper jams may damage a photocopier's internal components to which require expensive repairs.

The LED or Display panel of a copy machine should display a warning message if a copier is in danger of overheating; a copier that commonly overheats needs immediate attention before causing a expensive damages to the internal components.

A photocopier or a Laser Printer should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected on a monthly basis with a complete internal cleaning, at least three times per year. Our most maintenance agreements is include with monthly regular service checkups & visits to ensure your machines are in perfect running condition.

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